Before You Say Goodbye (This is Not a Political Rant)

Yes, it’s true: today the United States will have a new president. However, I would like to steer your eyes away from the news and talk about our perception of value. Although not a political post, it is inspired by the fact that there was so much criticism about the Obama administration the past 8 years and now comments on a superb, legendary presidency (#BestPresidentEver). I am neutral and have no opinion on this, but the stark contrast in the message being pushed made me ponder.

You know that saying you don’t know what you have until you lose it? It’s true too many times, and one of my most unfavorite things about goodbyes. Someone is leaving or is suddenly no longer a part of your life, leaving memories and moments like leaves fallen from a tree for us to sweep up and bag. Sometimes, we’re able to say goodbye and let them know what they mean to us, showering them with all-of-a-sudden praise. Other, more unfortunate times, there is no time nor room for goodbyes, and words are left unspoken like echoes in an empty hallway of closed doors.

Do you see the value of the person next to you? The person who picks up your garbage, who serves you coffee, who sits next to you at work, who lives under your same roof? If he/she was suddenly no longer a part of your life, wouldn’t there be something missing? Why don’t you tell them, show them in an endearing, yet, non-creepy, tasteful way? Show the people in your life their value now while you still can, while they are still there.

Don’t wait for goodbye. Don’t wait to let someone know what you admire about them. Think of how you can let them know today, then go out and do it. K, bye 😉


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