The Uncommon Fashionista

I’ve realized now more than ever that I’m not the usual fashionista. I rarely go shopping. Most of my clothes are hand-me- downs. I don’t need to know what the latest trends are and don’t think it’s important enough to write about regularly. You also won’t see me snootily judging what someone else wore and if it’s “in” or not. You might not be used to my kind of fashionista. But that’s ok.

I am me. I’m the best me there ever can be. And you are you and the best you anyone could ever be. This is the way we’re designed. I’m more than happy to help you discover your unique style and voice in this world, because we need it. We don’t need more copycats buying the same things that most can’t afford. We need you to rock your style, your fashion. I will rock mine, and I will do so with the confidence of knowing who I am. No one can take that away from me or you. Know who you are, and rock it well.


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