Journey of a Book: 2 – What Do I Do with This?

The words we say and write hold much more power than we think, and I was discovering this through different life events.

It was 2013 when I had just lost a job of 8 years at a high-up book publishing company. I was on a missions trip in Honduras, and the days went by soooo slow there, especially during the day when the kids of the orphanage were at school. In a dangerous 3rd world country, I was away from all things I found comfort in. But one of the first nights, my Bible was opened up to a heading that read, “The Holy Spirit as Comforter”. Through those words, I knew God was with me, and I learned how to find comfort in that simple fact.

In those long, long days, I felt God lead me to read Scripture in search of fashion, and to write down my findings. What I thought would be a drip drop of info ended up being a torrential downpour, drenching me as I scrambled to find buckets and tubs to catch whatever I could. I ended up flabbergasted, mind-blown, and asking God, “What do I do with all this?”

With a sense of responsibility to share what God had revealed to me, I would give nuggets of info to others. It was like one candle lighting another. Their eyes would light up, and they were excited to know more, while also recalling other instances in Scripture they could now see in a new light.

At the same time, God provided a new job for me at another, quite awesome, book publishing company. One of the many benefits I now had was being able to publish a book. I saw God connecting the dots and went for it. I went out to the tranquil lake in the back one early morning before work and began writing in a journal what is today FASHION: Holy. Sacred. Pure.


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