Parenting Tips from a 2 Year Old!

Ok, so I’m late for a Mother’s Day post……but early for Father’s Day! I do remember back to when I was 2 years old and transported myself back into those wittle shoes to provide you all with my thoughts from ages 2-5. Enjoy!


  • I love wearing clothes straight from the dryer. So nice and warm. 😊
  • Picking me up by the arms HURTS. I know who does this, and I’m watching 😐
  • Mommy is more squishy and comfortable to sit on. No hard feelings daddy, I still love you! 😚
  • If you’re leaving me with a babysitter, please have the decency to say goodbye, an explanation, including when you expect to return. This “great escape” you always do is heartbreaking to my tiny self. 😢


  • What in the what??!! You bought me the coolest bottles/sippy cups ever and then you throw them out and doom me to regular cups for life?! Not cute 😑
  • I cry when you leave me with the babysitter because she yells at me and tried to make me kiss a boy with boogers on his face. Ew. 😝
  • Calling candy “medicine” doesn’t make me not want it. It makes me want more medicine cuz it tastes awesome!!! 😀
  • I love my diapers. They’re so accommodating. Why are you making me wear these icky panties? 😔


  • I think it’s my fault that my teacher yells and hits me every day (she acts nice with you, but she’s actually super mean). Therefore, I won’t tell you, but I will cry every day I have to go to school. 😭


  • I was so scared to be at my new school. The teacher looked like she was nice, just like the other one. But, this one was actually super nice. I no longer cry every day when I go!! 😁
  • I know what I share with you in confidence may seem frivolous to you, but it means the world to me, like a treasure shared, and not meant to be brought out in public, please! 😶
  • I love the spontaneous trips we take to other places (as long as it’s not to old people’s houses where I have nothing to do). If there’s someone there around my age, I’ll be fine. 😏
  • You have tons of work to do, I know. But work will always be there. I won’t always be asking you to spend time with me, so take advantage while you can. I want to spend time with the bestest mommy and daddy ever! 😍

Do you remember anything from when you were a kid that could now be advice? Please share!


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