Journey of a Book: 3 – Humility

I finished writing FASHION: Holy. Sacred. Pure. in 2015. It was one of the toughest years my family and I went through. I was so glad to say bye to the year at the end of it, and so glad something good came of it with the book.

However, “There’s no pictures,” the director of operations said. My dream book would include art from various local artists, but I saw that many years down the line. “You may as well do it now,” my supervisor said. Though I had already told everyone to expect the book out by Christmas, and I knew that doing this would add many, many months to the process, I submitted to their guidance. I’m so glad I did! It opened up many opportunities that were not available to me at the time. Still, it has all been a process.

As God put different artists in my path and on my heart to work on illustrating for different sections, I worked on the text. I submitted it to an editor. Though I’ve always been a nerd at grammar/spelling/etc., I knew there was much I didn’t know. This was such a valuable service for feedback and corrections; I practically rewrote the book after!

A big part of this is knowing that it is bigger than you. You will need people on your team (the more, the better!). When you unite for one mission, it becomes a beautiful project of synergy. Though there is one name as author on the book, there are so very many hands that come into play in its creation.

Now, we are winding down to the final details with a projected publication date of September 2017, in time for New York Fashion Week! This is an exciting time. If you want to join me on the journey, go like my author page on Facebook. Can’t wait to connect! 🙂


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