As I write, I’m sitting on my bed with clothes strewn all over it. No, it’s not a sign of laundry day gone bad (…or turning into fun!!) This is even better: I’m joining a team that is about to embark on a week-long mission trip to Colombia!

I wanted to share some packing tips for whenever you’re traveling. I am a light packer and am determined to only have a carry-on, so let’s do this!

Step 1: Put On Your Thinking Cap

When traveling, it’s not practical to try to take your whole wardrobe. So you have to strategize and pack multiple-purpose or transitional clothing (that which you can wear for more than one occasion by changing or adding a few things). It’s a good idea to also be prepared for diverse weather conditions.

I’m checking out the schedule and going by weather reports that say it will be cooler than what I’m used to and rainy.

Step 2: Assemble 

With the above factors in mind, it’s time to lay out various outfits. To pack as least as possible, make sure you can use each clothing item more than once (unless it’s a special occasion item). Make sure to have your comfy travel outfit selected and set aside, as well.

I like to take pics of each outfit and match it to a day. That way, you don’t have to spend time doing this over yonder. Check out how I made each outfit transition into the next below:

Step 3: Stop, Drop, & Roll

Now that you have all your clothes ready to go, you’re ready to bundle them up.

I learned the quickest way to pack and unpack (that also helps prevents wrinkles) in fashion school. Starting from the heaviest item going to the lightest, lay them flat on top of each other. At the end, the heaviest item will be the last on the bottom and the lightest will be on top. Roll them all together into one bundle with the heaviest on the inside of the roll and the lightest items on the outside. While laying each item out, think of how the item would be pressed down and pat out any overlaps that could cause wrinkles. Check out the process below! One roll, and you’re done. 😊

 Shoes can take up a lot of space. I wear my heaviest and pack a neutral pair. 

I will tell you guys all about the trip as I can. In the meantime, happy packing!


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