Beauty Mark

Beauty. Many of us have a love/hate relationship with it. We like to look at things that are beautiful, sure, but society has shoved a spoonful of plastic with its definition of it, making many of us gag away from anything with that tag. But I believe beauty has and is a holy calling.

Beauty. I define it as anything created by God. I’ve been wondering lately: why do we like to look at things that are beautiful? During one of the toughest times of my life, a coworker gave me a small, simple flower she had picked along the path as she walked outside. It was beautiful, and I strangely felt a healing, as if my soul was being beckoned to partake in this tiny, miraculous creation.

During that time, it was hard to even talk to God. I knew I didn’t have to, as long as I took time to simply be with Him, just lay in His arms and cry, sing, or just breathe. And one day, as if in a beautiful whisper, He orchestrated for me to see the sunrise. It was a peekaboo of oranges, blazing pinks, and reds. There was that deep feeling of healing again. He was wooing me, drawing me closer. He used beauty to do that.

The enemy does everything possible to distort the meaning of beauty. He has twisted its arm and enslaved it to a mirror, a scale, a contouring brush, even a scalpel. We then think of beauty as vanity, something that should be avoided, not enjoyed. We grow so nauseated by what Satan’s puppets in this world present to us in its name that we run from even seeking beauty.

But we must never stop seeking it, seeing it in everything we do, everywhere we go, and everyone we see. It’s the fingerprint of God, a silent invitation to draw closer, a reminder of a greater beauty that is our home. As we gaze in admiration, we hear beauty whisper that there’s more, nodding up to the skies full of promise. The heavens declare the glory of God and creation sings together in enraptured worship. May we always be the same. Instead of running from it, lets be beauty’s ambassadors. Let’s stomp out society’s ashy bootleg version of beauty and restore it to its proper place of fanning flames. Let’s seek beauty like a treasure, seeing it everywhere we go, calling it out, and celebrating it. The best practice would be to start with yourself.


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